Renovation Project

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Recently, we’ve been in communication with you about a design the Building Committee has developed to renovate the Fellowship Hall – a design that provides more space for fellowship gatherings, improved bathroom facilities and other improvements.  Unfortunately, the cost for the project jumped up unexpectedly leaving some shortfall in the funding.  We asked if you would be able to commit to supporting the project financially, in order that we could move ahead with the entire project (instead of dropping some parts of the design).

Well, great news!  The funds committed by many people were enough that we are able to go ahead with the entire renovation.  Thank you Lord!  And thanks to those supporters!

Earlier this week the session approved the renovation and we have signed with the contractor.  The Renovation project has started!  Hallelujah!

Please pray for a successful project and for unity among us as there will be some disruption to our regular routines during the construction – an opportunity to grow in flexibility and patience perhaps!

Please contact any elder, Bulut or Bill if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions.

For the session,
-Phil Montgomery

PS:  If you weren’t able to make a funding commitment, you can still contribute.  We’ll be incurring expenses over the next few months, so your donations in that time frame would be ideal.  If paying by check, just note on the memo line the portion of the total that is for the Fellowship Hall Fund.  Donating online works too. No contribution (over and above your regular giving) is too small, as every little bit helps. Thank you!

  You can view renderings of the new layout HERE.