Children & Youth Ministry

Sunday School Classes

There is a Christian education hour for all ages right before our worship service when we dig deeper in the Word of God and seek to grow in Jesus. Classes begin at 9:45 AM.

Parent’s Night Out

Every third Friday of the month we give parents a little bit of a break and host their children at the church. With Bible lessons, games, art and crafts, we not only help them to own their faith but also own their church family as they further grow into Christ and into one another.

VBS Summer School

In the months of June, July, and August, we have a special program for children as they all focus on a theme to learn about their covenant Lord and their eternal salvation.

Younger and Older Youth Group

We hope to help our teens and teenagers as they seek to understand their faith and form a better community. To that end we aim to get together regularly for some fellowship and some study. Currently, we are reconfiguring our youth group. Please contact Pastor Yasar for more information and check the calendar for dates.