Reminders for Sunday: January 7, 2018



We will receive Jania Cooper as well as Deandre Wadley into membership this morning. Praise the Lord! New membership interviews are being scheduled. Please see Pastor Eric for details.

Elders Meeting:

The elders will meet this Thursday at 6 PM. Please see Pastor Eric if you have any questions.

Prayer Request:

Please pray for the OPC’s Annual Church Planter Training Conference. We will host the event on Covenant January 15th-18th.


Conference Volunteers:

Volunteers are needed Monday-Thursday, January 15th-18th. Our church is hosting the Home Mission Board’s Annual Church Planter Training Conference. If you can help by providing side dishes and desserts for 2-3 meals during this time, please contact Terressa Duggan by phone at 904-687-4726 or by email at Terressa will contact all volunteers on Monday to provide specific information.

Annual Congregational Meeting:

Our Annual Meeting of the Congregation will be held after church on Sunday, January 28th. lease plan on staying afterward. Nursery and snacks will be provided.

Mortgage Reduction Opportunity:

In God’s providence, our church has been presented with a fortuitous offer from the holder of our mortgage loan note. He is willing to reduce the amount we owe by $100,000 if we pay him the remaining balance by February 21, 2018. The OPC Loan Fund has graciously agreed to loan us the money, with excellent terms, so we can take advantage of this offer. We are currently anticipating a closing date of February 15th. If anyone feels moved to give a donation to go specifically towards reducing our mortgage loan amount, the placement of this new loan presents the perfect opportunity to do so. Any funds given for this purpose means less debt for our church. This means more of our financial resources will go towards our ministry goals like evangelism, men’s and women’s ministry, youth ministry, internships, church planting, etc. We are confident that God has great things in store for our church, and reducing our debt is a true blessing from the Lord!

Donation Request:

Our Church kitchen has a need for a second refrigerator. If you are interested in donating one in good condition, please contact Terressa Duggan by phone at 904-687-4726 or by email at