Sabbatical for our Pastor

At Covenant, we would all agree that we have been blessed with a wonderful Pastor.  Pastor Eric has ministered faithfully for some 16 years now, nine of those at Covenant, and is as engaged as any Pastor can be.  He is diligent in study and preparation, most always available, and leads by example in grace and truth.

Earlier this year, during our annual planning meeting, at his request, the session agreed to give Pastor Eric a two month sabbatical early in the summer of 2017. Except for a one month study sabbatical a few years ago, this will be his first time away from the pulpit for an extended period. He plans to use the time for reading, refreshment, time with his family, and rest.  May the Lord bless their time together.

Associate Pastor Bill Pastor Hobbs has graciously agreed to fill the pulpit and be the man on call during Pastor Eric’s absence.  How fortunate we are to have an experienced, Godly man like him as part of our church family.

Please continue to pray for the Watkins as they take this time away.