Covenant Welcomes Our Summer Intern & His Family

Covenant is so pleased to have Scottie Wright, his wife Vanessa and their sons (Levi, Troy, Izak, and Jake. . .and another In October) here in St. Augustine for the summer! Scottie is currently pursuing seminary training at Mid-America Reformed Seminary in Dyer, Indiana with plans to graduate next year. While Scottie’s initial interest in overseas missions began in high school, his growing awareness of the need and opportunity for the gospel within the local culture led him to pursue full time ministry here at home. We’re delighted that his heart for the reformed faith, the local church and evangelism has brought him to St. Augustine to serve with us this summer.

Scottie, 34, comes from a biblically-faithful background in the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA).  The URCNA is a trusted partner with whom the OPC works regularly. In fact, they recently partnered with the OPC to produce the new Trinity Psalter, so our two churches sing from the same hymnal!   Scottieā€™s dad serves as a full-time evangelist for a URCNA in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and, Lord willing, Scottie will become a pastor or church planter somewhere in the URCNA after completing seminary training.

What will Scottie do this summer at Covenant?  As part of a normal internship, Scottie will be preaching 3-4 times a month (most Sunday evenings but possibly one Sunday morning a month while he is here).  He will also work with some of our members on a mid-summer evangelistic outreach event (like a Back Yard Bible study) and will accompany Pastor Eric on pastoral visits (as appropriate), attend elder meetings and the like. 

Please make it a point to get to know his family this summer.  They are happy to be here (the boys love catching Florida lizards!), and Scottie is eager to preach and learn about the ministries of Covenant. You can reach Scottie Wright directly at: