March 29th Livestream Resources

Livestream technology enables us to continue to honor the Lord’s Day by gathering together despite physical separation. Praise be to God for his providence!  We certainly need to draw near to God together as much as we are able, and we need the means of grace as much as we can receive them. 

ACCESS THE SERVICE: “Livestream” both the Sunday morning and evening services at their regular times (11 am and 5 pm) via our Covenant OPC YouTube channel.  Click HERE to be taken directly to our channel or select the “Sermon” tab here on the website, scrolling all the way to the bottom where you’ll find a clickable button entitled “View YouTube Channel.”  Once you’re on our channel, the livestream should either begin automatically when the service does or a “clickable” livestream option will appear.  You may need to “refresh” the site if it doesn’t appear automatically. For questions about accessing the live service or if you have problems during the broadcast, please be in touch with Brett Caruso right away at 904-803-2287.

BULLETIN: You’ll want to access this week’s downloadable and printable bulletin HERE, which has been re-formatted for home printing. Printed as a single-sided document, the bulletin contains all the resources you’ll need to participate in our services (Order of Service, Hymns, Readings and Announcements).

Thank you for your patience as we transition temporarily to this format. We look forward to sharing this time for the ministry of God’s Word and worship together.