Featured Conference Video: Building Bridges instead of Barriers

Covenant Presbyterian Church recently hosted a three-day conference entitled Building Bridges Instead of Barriers: Reforming Race Relations Within the Church.  A distinguished group of speakers gathered to strengthen the Body of Christ by proposing and exploring biblically reformed ways of thinking about the subject of race relationships within the church.  In both formal presentations and panel discussions, practical suggestions were proffered as to how we might more effectively build bridges across ethnic lines within the church to achieve greater unity for the sake of Christ and His Gospel.

Presbyterians overlook the resources of the Westminster Confession of Faith, covenant baptism, and historic Reformed views of cosmic redemption because the expediency and practicality of low-church, non-connectional evangelicalism undermines the preaching of covenant theology to the lived experience of racial minorities in the American experience.

Dr. Anthony Bradley is a professor of religious studies, chair of the program in Religious and Theological Studies, and director of the Center for the Study of Human Flourishing at The King’s College.

Dr. Bradley lectures at colleges, universities, business organizations, conferences, and churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. His writings on religious and cultural issues have been published in a variety of journals, including: the Philadelphia Inquirer, the Washington Examiner, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the Detroit News, Christianity Today, and World Magazine.

Dr. Bradley is called upon by members of the broadcast media for comment on current issues and has appeared on C-SPAN, NPR, CNN/Headline News, and Fox News, among others. He studies and writes on issues of race in America, mass incarceration and overcriminalization, youth and family, welfare, education, and ethics.

His books include: Liberating Black Theology (2010), Black and Tired (2011), The Political Economy of Liberation (2012), Keep Your Head Up (2012), Aliens In The Promised Land (2013), John Rawls and Christian Social Engagement (2014), Black Scholars In White Space (2015), Something Seems Strange (2016), Ending Overcriminalization and Mass Incarceration (2018).

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