To initiate an e-donation for Covenant Presbyterian Church:

  1. Login to your bank account
  2. Go to the Online Bill Pay area
  3. Initiate a payment request. You will need the name and address of our church. Covenant Presbyterian, 1965 State Road 16, St Augustine, FL 32084
  4. Enter the amount and the frequency you desire
  5. Be sure to use the “memo,” “description,” or “account number” field to list any instructions, such as to which fund(s) you want your donation to go. Current popular ones are: General Fund, Deacons Fund, and Fellowship Building Fund. You can always specify another, such as Youth, Camp Scholarships, or the Book Fund. If there are no specific instructions, the donation will go into the General Fund.

Your bank will mail your donation to the church where it will be received anywhere from three to ten days. If you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact Treasurer Lea Montgomery for assistance. Covenant Presbyterian Church thanks you.
Contact Our Treasurer