About Covenant

"He remembers his covenant forever, the word that he commanded, for a thousand generations." Psalm 105:8


Covenant Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. The OPC, founded in 1936, is a small, faithful denomination that seeks to proclaim the hope of the gospel and the riches of the Reformed faith from generation to generation.


Our primary standard is the Word of God, contained in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments. Our secondary standards are the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, which contain the system of doctrine found in Scripture.


The Bible describes the church as the bride of Christ. To love Christ is to love his bride as well. We are dedicated to sharing the treasure that is Christ with our neighbor next door and our neighbor on the far side of the earth.

Our Beliefs


The Orthodox Presbyterian Church is a small, conservative Presbyterian denomination. It was founded on June 11, 1936, in the aftermath of the fundamentalist-modernist controversy within the Presbyterian Church (USA), under the leadership of J. Gresham Machen. In nearly eight decades since its founding, the OPC has slowly grown to over 30,000 members in over 300 churches throughout the United States and Canada. It has been vigorous in its defense and propagation of the historic Reformed faith.
More information on the OPC can be found at www.opc.org.

Confessional Standards

The Westminster Confession of Faith & Catechisms (1788 American Revisions) comprise the definitive doctrinal statements of Covenant Presbyterian Church and the OPC. Our confession & catechisms are available on the OPC website .

What is an Orthodox Presbyterian Church?


Orthodox is a greek word which translates as "right thinking."


When we describe ourselves as Orthodox, we do not refer to the Eastern Orthodox denomination, but rather to our commitment to faithfully proclaim the inerrancy of scripture and the truth of the Christian faith as preserved throughout history. Our affirmation of Biblical orthodoxy places us in continuity with the apostles, church fathers, and protestant reformers, and in opposition to those who seek to redefine the historic truths of the Christian faith to accommodate the preferences of postmodern culture.


Presbyterian refers to our confessional doctrine and our form of church government.


Presbyterian means two distinct things. First, as Presbyterians we are historically and confessionally Reformed, subscribing to the Biblical doctrines rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation and summarized in the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms. Second, as Presbyterians we adhere to a Presbyterian form of church government, whereby the local church is governed by a session of elders, and is in turn subject to a regional Presbytery and a national General Assembly.


Above all, we are above all committed to advancing Christ's universal kingdom.


Although we affirm the distinctives of the Protestant Reformed faith, we rejoice that Christ's universal church is far broader than our own denomination, comprised of the many faithful Christians and churches throughout the world that continue to proclaim the love of Christ and defend the essential truths of Christianity -- including the eternal, triune nature of God; the historical incarnation, death, and resurrection of the God-man Jesus Christ; and the necessity of salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.

Want to worship with us?

Services at 11am and 5pm each Sunday